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Rug Cleaning

With over 50 years of experience, we employ the utmost care to protect your rugs throughout the entire process.

  • Thoroughly dust the rug, ensuring meticulous removal of dirt and debris from the pile.

  • Conduct meticulous tests on the dyes to ensure their stability and prevent any possibility of bleeding, drawing upon our extensive expertise.

  • Immerse the entire rug in a gentle pool of soapy water, where our skilled artisans diligently scrub it by hand, applying their years of experience to maintain the rug's pristine condition.

  • Repeat the rinsing process meticulously until the water runs completely clear, reflecting our commitment to achieving a thorough cleansing.

  • Efficiently remove any excess water from the rug, handling it with the utmost care and precision that comes from our years of experience in handling delicate textiles.

  • Thoughtfully attend to the fringes, lavishing them with the attention and expertise that has been honed over our extensive 50-year history.

  • In a climate-controlled room, carefully dry the rug, safeguarding its fibers and preserving its original beauty.

  • Lastly, conduct a meticulous inspection of the rug, utilizing our trained eye and extensive knowledge to guarantee the highest quality and cleanliness, an assurance that stems from our decades-long dedication to protecting your valued investment rugs.

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